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Nightmare Soccer Premier League
Nightmare Soccer Premier League is our English 'domestic' League competition which runs for the extent of the Premier League season, with points awarded each time your players appear in Premier League matches.
Promotion and Relegation
Each team entered in Nightmare Soccer Premier League is allocated into a Nightmare division, with a maximum of 16 teams in a division, and up to four divisions in each league. Each season you get the chance to battle for promotion, or fight to avoid relegation. Three teams are promoted from Divisions Two, Three and Four while three teams are relegated from Divisions One, Two and Three.
Qualify for Europe
Click here for details on qualifying for our European competitions
Selecting your Nightmare 11
Each Nightmare 11 starts the season with £60 million to spend at the Nightmare Soccer auction. Within your Nightmare division, no two teams can have the same player so you need to make bids for the players you want.

Each player has a minimum bid calculated using past performance. Decide how much you want to bid for each player and enter your bids. When deadline day arrives your bids are compared against the other teams within your division and players allocated accordingly. If the same highest bid for a player is made by more than one team, no-one gets that man and he goes back into the pool of available players.

Key things to consider when selecting your Nightmare 11:
  • You must bid at least the minimum shown on the player lists
  • Bids are calculated to one decimal place
  • Keep within your budget
    Changes for 2019-20
    European competitions return
    Abdoulaye DoucoureWATFORD1616
    Kurt ZoumaCHELSEA1515
    Grant HanleyNORWICH1515
    Issa DiopWEST HAM1515
    Fabian BalbuenaWEST HAM1313
    Morgan SchneiderlinEVERTON1212
    Ryan FredericksWEST HAM1111
    Lukasz FabianskiWEST HAM1111
    Aaron CresswellWEST HAM1111
    Andreas ChristensenCHELSEA99
    Emerson PalmieriCHELSEA99
    Tammy AbrahamCHELSEA99
    Cesar AzpilicuetaCHELSEA99
    Tim KrulNORWICH99
    Max AaronsNORWICH99
    Jamal LewisNORWICH99

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    Ashley BarnesBURNLEY-5-5
    Raheem SterlingMAN CITY-5-5
    Marcus RashfordMAN UNITED-5-5
    Harry KaneTOTTENHAM-5-5
    Calum ChambersARSENAL-3-3
    Ainsley Maitland-NilesARSENAL-3-3
    Bernd LenoARSENAL-3-3
    Nacho MonrealARSENAL-3-3
    Mathew RyanBRIGHTON-3-3
    Dan BurnBRIGHTON-3-3
    Shane DuffyBRIGHTON-3-3
    Martin MontoyaBRIGHTON-3-3
    Johann GudmundssonBURNLEY-3-3
    Nick PopeBURNLEY-3-3
    Matthew LowtonBURNLEY-3-3
    Ben MeeBURNLEY-3-3
    Erik PietersBURNLEY-3-3
    James TarkowskiBURNLEY-3-3
    Patrick Van AanholtCRYSTAL PALACE-3-3
    Martin KellyCRYSTAL PALACE-3-3
    Vicente GuaitaCRYSTAL PALACE-3-3
    Scott DannCRYSTAL PALACE-3-3
    Joel WardCRYSTAL PALACE-3-3
    Seamus ColemanEVERTON-3-3
    Yerry MinaEVERTON-3-3
    Jordan PickfordEVERTON-3-3
    Lucas DigneEVERTON-3-3
    Michael KeaneEVERTON-3-3
    Caglar SoyuncuLEICESTER CITY-3-3
    Kasper SchmeichelLEICESTER CITY-3-3
    Ricardo PereiraLEICESTER CITY-3-3
    Jonny EvansLEICESTER CITY-3-3
    Ben ChilwellLEICESTER CITY-3-3
    John StonesMAN CITY-3-3
    Oleksandr ZinchenkoMAN CITY-3-3
    EdersonMAN CITY-3-3
    Aymeric LaporteMAN CITY-3-3
    David De GeaMAN UNITED-3-3
    Aaron Wan-BissakaMAN UNITED-3-3
    Luke ShawMAN UNITED-3-3
    Harry MaguireMAN UNITED-3-3
    Rui PatricioWOLVES-3-3
    Conor CoadyWOLVES-3-3
    Willy BolyWOLVES-3-3
    Ryan BennettWOLVES-3-3
    Matt DohertyWOLVES-3-3