Who got their Captain picks right and wrong this week? Well Nightmare Novices did their chances of chasing down Al's Army at the top of the overall table by selecting Emmanuel Dennis. 13 points doubled up to 26 for the Watford forward. The 'base' score for a forward in a team that fails to score is 6 points (a point for playing, 3 points for failing to score, plus 2 for the team failing to score). Dennis picked up 4 more for a 5/10 rating, and 3 for a yellow card.

Who else did well?

Swiffer - Chris Wood, 11
Imperial Booze Boys - Joshua King, 10
Mr Magoo - Mohamed Salisu, 9
Clem Fandango - Mohamed Salisu, 9
Gareth Bagel - Ezri Konsa, 9
Cloughie's Cloggers - Teemu Pukki, 8
Kieran's Nightmares - Mason Greenwood, 8
And who got their team selection wrong? Well, Matt Targett's own goal helped him towards 13 points and, individually, the decision by Robert Metzger to leave the Villa boy on the bench was the worst. Overall though, Tim Simpkins fared worst as Forfun left two 10-pointers with nice warm bottoms.

Knackers - Matt Targett, 13
Forfun - Theo Walcott, 10
Forfun - Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, 10
Mr Magoo - Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, 10

Meanwhile, for the second week in a row Matt Woodmansey would have been better to have played reserve 'keeper Alisson ahead of Tim Krul. Sounds nuts doesn't it, but while Krul scored 7 last week, Alisson picked up 11 points. And this week, as Krul picked up a first clean sheet and -3 Nightmare points, the Liverpool keeper scored 5. Mind you, while Alisson has therefore scored 12 more points than Krul in two Match Weeks, his season total is now 9 points. Krul has 53. Not sure Matt will be tempted to make a switch for Match Week 8...!